Millions have voted in North Carolina, but who are they?

Updated: Oct. 21, 2020 at 7:30 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - With less than two weeks until Election Day, there have already been a record number of voters to hit the polls in the Carolinas.

More than 2 million have cast a vote in North Carolina, including voting by absentee ballot.

“Long lines I’ve seen on TV, I can’t do it. I have underlying health conditions and I have to be careful where I go and who I’m around,” said Cheryl McGee, who voted by absentee ballot.

McGee is not the only person taking advantage of early voting.

According to the North Carolina State Board of Elections, women have cast over 1 million votes. Democrats make up 36 percent of the state’s registered voters with Republicans at 30 percent.

In a breakdown by race, 30 percent of white voters have voted compared to 31.5 percent of Black voters.

Terza Silva Lima-Neves, associate professor of political science at Johnson C. Smith University, says that means Blacks are taking advantage of the early voting period.

“We’re extremely serious about this election, not that we’ve not been serious before, but that means we’ve heard the call of how significant this election is,” she said.

Early voting also allows voters to fix information such as an address change on the spot.

“These are all things Black voters are looking at so there is no reason their vote won’t count this election,” Lima Neves added.

In Mecklenburg County, over 223,000 ballots have been cast. Just over 66,000 by-mail ballots have been approved.

“These numbers are much bigger than what we usually have in a general election,” said Michael Dickerson, director of elections.

With a large turnout so far, could that have an effect on Election Day?

“All 195 sites will be open. Polling places will be staffed up and running. Our thought is it will be a smaller number that will show up on Nov. 3,” Dickerson added.

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