Clover, Rock Hill sports teams impacted by COVID-19

Virus taking toll on school sports in SC

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (WBTV) - COVID-19 has become some York County schools' sports teams' toughest opponent yet.

The virus has cancelled practices, rearranged games and even ended seasons.

Clover football and Rock Hill’s football and volleyball teams have been impacted in a major way because of COVID-19. The impacts ranged from other teams or a team member testing positive for the coronavirus.

“Just like any other school that I am aware of we’ve had cases on campus but the majority of our close contacts have been off campus,” says Clover Schools Athletic Director Bailey Jackson.

Rock Hill volleyball’s team is the latest to have a positive case. The district announced one person tested positive for COVID-19 leading to 13 people quarantining.

The team gave up the last two games because they didn’t have enough players, ultimately ending the season.

“It does reveal to use the volatility of this disease and how it can impact a large amount of people," says district spokesperson Mychal Frost.

Rock Hill football also announced last week that several people within the football team had COVID like symptoms. No one tested positive when the district got tests for them.

Down the road in Clover, the district announced Monday the team would not play a game for two weeks after an opponent announced positive COVID tests. This practice field and stadium will be empty for the next two weeks.

“Once we started our season we knew there were going to be potential shutdowns or days where we knew we weren’t going to be able to do something," he says.

Clover Athletic Director Bailey Jackson says the district approached this season with caution.

They prepared for this new opponent as they would for any other.

“We try to prepare for games and we try to prepare for practices," says Jackson. "We control what we can control and Covid’s no different.”

However, as Rock Hill Schools spokesperson Mychal Frost puts it, and Jackson would agree, the athletes are happy to play the sports they love. “Everyone understands that this is the environment that we are operating in and again it’s a blessing that we are able to offer sports to our student," says Frost.

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