Campaign representatives speak about Trump, Harris visits to North Carolina

President Trump, Sen. Harris campaigning in North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Both President Donald Trump and Senator Kamala Harris will be in North Carolina campaigning as election day looms.

Trump is scheduled to host a rally at the Gastonia Municipal Airport in Gastonia Wednesday and Harris is attending a voter mobilization event in Charlotte.

Both politicians are trying to rally voters in the final weeks leading up to the presidential election.

Trump supporter Tony Hill set up a tent to sell Trump campaign merchandise at the intersection of Union Road and Robinwood Road in Gastonia Tuesday. Several people stopped buy hats and shirts.

Gastonia residents Brad Hurst and his daughter Mary Kate stopped to check out the tent Tuesday evening. They spoke to WBTV in an interview after purchasing a Trump t-shirt.

“It’s kind of exciting to know that he’s coming within a couple miles of my home,” said Brad Hurst.

The younger Hurst also expressed excitement that the president would be visiting her city.

“I would never have imagined in like a million years that really someone so famous or someone so well-known would be so close to my house,” said Mary Kate Hurst.

An official with the Gastonia Municipal Airport told WBTV that the airport was expecting between 15,000 and 30,000 visitors for Wednesday’s Trump rally.

WBTV spoke to representatives from both the Trump and Biden campaigns Tuesday. Senator Chris Coons, Biden for President Campaign Co-Chair, spoke about rallying voters without hosting big campaign events. During the pandemic, the Biden campaign has resorted to utilizing virtual events and smaller gatherings to reach voters.

“I do think that we’re somewhat at a disadvantage, but it has the broader advantage of showing people that Joe Biden is someone who listens to science and to public health experts,” said Coons.

WBTV also conducted a Zoom interview with Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law, Tuesday evening. She defended President Trump’s hosting of large rallies with thousands of supporters during the pandemic.

“We ask people to wear their masks. We have signs up to instruct people to wear their masks. We do temperature checks, hand sanitizer, all of the things necessary and these are outdoor events, but on the other side of the coin, you never hear about things like the women’s march that took place in DC over the weekend as well,” said Lara Trump.

In an election cycle where both Democrats and Republicans seem to be at odds about several issues facing the nation, members of both campaign teams agree about the importance of winning North Carolina in the 2020 election.

“North Carolina is one of just a few linchpin states for this election for control of the senate, for who becomes the next president,” explained Coons.

Lara Trump also acknowledged the significance of North Carolina in the upcoming election.

“I know the President is very excited to get down there because it is a must-win state for the Trump campaign,” said Lara Trump.

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