Lancaster Co. parents, S.C. state superintendent urge more in-person days for certain students

Some Lancaster Co. parents call for more in-person learning

INDIAN LAND, S.C. (WBTV) - Parents are upset with the Lancaster County School district for not having more in-person day options for their students.

This comes after State Superintendent Molly Spearman strongly suggested districts give certain students more in person days.

Despite state Superintendent Molly Spearman asking school districts to bring some students back for more days of in-person learning, parents in Indian Land say the district does not have a plan.

“It’s not for me personally. It’s for my son," says Kristina Holst.

Holst’s son spends his second virtual day of the week finishing up homework. She says it is a struggle for both of them.

“If we didn’t need teachers then we wouldn’t have schools and there are a lot of subject matters where students need a teacher to teach them," she says.

It is why Holst is a part of a growing group of parents calling for Lancaster County Schools to reopen five days a week. She is joined by the state superintendent.

Superintendent Molly Spearman sent an email to districts a month ago strongly urging them to have more in-person learning days.

The superintendent says districts need to invite certain students who are struggling back into the classroom. Among those groups are elementary students, students without internet and students with disabilities.

“For us to be almost a month since this memo was released and not have a plan is bad," says Holst.

She sent emails to the district’s superintendent and board members for answers.

In the email, the superintendent says the district is following DHEC guidance. She continues saying the county’s new cases and positive percentage are going down which will help them make a decision.

School board chair Bobby Parker emailed Holst saying the next school board meeting is the earliest all the board members could meet but that it’s an important decision.

It is not good enough for Holst who wants more input on the plan from parents sooner rather than later.

“These kids have missed out on a good education since March and some of them will never recover," Holst says. "I believe the people need to see the plan before our elected officials go into closed session and vote on it.”

The board is expected to talk about a plan for more days of learning at the next board meeting on Oct. 20.

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