Early voting in North Carolina starts in one week, deadline to register Friday

Less than 24 hours to register to vote in N.C.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Next Thursday, Oct. 15, voters across North Carolina will start casting their ballots during early voting.

Same-day registration will be an option, but officials recommend registering by Friday, October 9th, which is the official registration deadline.

Community members set up at Little Rock AME Zion Church on Thursday to answer voters' questions.

“To be sure that every ‘I’ is dotted, every ‘T’ is crossed, every line is filled out correctly so that those votes will not be rejected at the board of elections," Pastor Dwayne Walker said.

In a caravan of cars, they drove to the board of elections office to drop off absentee ballots in person.

“It’s nice and easy they’ve got a great process worked out in there," Jay Ferguson said.

More than 750,000 people are already registered to vote in Mecklenburg County.

“It’s starting to get real to people that oh we got an election coming up," Board of Elections Director Michael Dickerson said. He is gearing up for early voting.

“The last 12 years we’ve had more people in a presidential general vote early than on election day itself," Dickerson said.

This year there are 10 extra early voting sites, totaling 33.

“Social distancing, queue you up outside, all the workers are gonna be wearing masks, face shields, hand sanitizer," he said. "Once you get inside you’re gonna see the voting panels are six feet spaced.”

Workers are going the extra mile to make sure safety is not in question.

“We’re going to even use a pen with a stylus at the end of it so you won’t even touch the machine," he said.

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