Woman describes HUD apartment in disrepair

Woman says HUD apartment in disrepair

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - From broken appliances to leaks in her home, one woman says she is raising her children in less than ideal conditions, and she can’t seem to get a fix.

For months, Andrea Sturdivant says she has been trying to get management to fix a number of features in her apartment, but she has gotten nowhere. Now, she is fearful for her children’s lives if something doesn’t change soon.

“It’s nasty, disgusting, moldy, all type of water coming out of the roof,” said Sturdivant.

Sturdivant moved into the Woodstone Apartments in January 2019.

The complex is subsidized by HUD, but that hasn’t meant her apartment is kept in working order.

Sturdivant called WBTV out of frustration with her home being in disrepair – with a long list of items she’s asked be fixed including floor panels, cabinet tops, stove tops, the sink, exhaust fans in the bathroom, new doors and a pest problem.

“I have duct tape on my door so rain won’t get in, bugs won’t get in, lizards,” she explained.

She says someone came in June of last year to fix the sink, put floor panels down, and spray for pests. But she still points to problems that pose a hazard to her four children.

“I have a three year old with asthma," she says. "He can’t even take a bath without me taking him to the hospital with his asthma flaring up.”

She says cabinets are falling apart, and she can’t keep water from dripping into her home.

“It’s leakage coming from the roof. I know there’s mold in there," Sturdivant. "You can see the mold starting to come through the roof.”

Though the substance has not been tested for mold, you can clearly see markings.

In an email, staff at the complex said they wouldn’t comment on the conditions of Sturdivant’s apartment.

WBTV also reached out to HUD, who said in a statement, “HUD takes this matter seriously and appreciates that your office brought this to our attention. At this time HUD is looking in to the resident’s concerns with property management.”

As for Sturdivant, she just wants a safe place where her children can call home.

“It’s a pandemic right now, they want you to stay in the house, but I don’t even feel comfortable staying in my own home at all because of the situation I’m going through.”

Sturdivant tells WBTV she is trying to move out as soon as possible.

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