‘Heart of gold’: Daughter, community pours out support for teacher who died after battle with COVID-19

Stanly Co. elementary school teacher dies of COVID-19

STANLY COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Julie Davis held many titles over her years.

However, those who knew the longtime educator say something she was known for was her bright and warm personality.

They say it was just as big as her heart.

“Julie, she was so big-hearted," said Anne McLean, who worked with Davis during her time as a teacher in Montgomery county.

The third-grade teacher at Norwood Elementary School wasn’t just an educator, she was a friend, a mother, and recently gained a new title of grandmother.

“Her first and her only grandchild,” said daughter Leanna Richardson."He was the light of her world.”

“The four years I worked with her I never even got a complaint about her,” said McLean. “And that’s pretty unusual [nowdays]. Julie was just well-loved."

Richardson said her mom had so much love to give, but after a quick and aggressive fight in the hospital from COVID-19, her life was cut short.

“The symptoms that are hard and they hit her heavy," said Richardson. “A few days into it she went into the hospital and from that point, we were very limited on communication and obviously we weren’t able to be with her [when she passed].”

Those who knew Davis say leaves behind a foot-print and memories on so many lives.

“She loved her students. She loved her co-workers. She loved school," said Richardson.

“She truly considered all those children, her children,” said McLean. “I remember seeing her walk up the hall taking her long line of kids to the cafeteria and there were always two children, one on each hip with their arm around her. She just always had little kids hanging over all the time. They just loved her.”

Davis leaves behind a husband, daughter, son and grandson, whom her daughter says she loved with every inch of her soul.

“She would not want people you know, crying over [her death]. She would say, ‘let’s, you know, celebrate! Don’t you know have a sad funeral for me. Let’s celebrate.'” said McLean. “She just was always that kind of person who was funny. And she could always help you make light of a situation.”

″I know she’s dancing with Jesus right now," said Richardson. “And, you know, I know she’s, and she’s happy there.”

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