CMS welcomes back 1,200+ students into the classroom, along with strict safety, health guidelines

Some of the Exceptional Children program goes back to in-person learning

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - “The school that we all left in March is gone." says Metro School Principal Fermandi Dyson. "We have definitely made a lot of revisions for health and safety requirements.”

After months of remote learning due to the pandemic, Tuesday - Dyson’s school - and 85 others across Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

“Overall, it was better than I had expected and intended, "said one CMS teacher WBTV spoke with.

That teacher walked us through some of the biggest changes that come with in-person learning —during a pandemic.

“The main physical change in my classroom was going from like tables to actual individual student desks," said the teacher. “Obviously, some of our students cannot wear face masks for you know, particular reasons. And for that, we just obviously, all of the staff are protected at all times, we wear face masks.”

In a video sent out by the district teachers said staying safe while working with their students meant the district providing the proper PPE.

“I feel like the district has provided some masks, they’ve provided face shields, they provided medical gowns, because we are in a lot of unknowns," said a teacher in that video, released by CMS.

“Moving forward, we don’t know how the students will feel about coming back into this classroom that is no longer, you know, what they expected," a teacher told WBTV about the days that lie ahead with in-person learning, during a pandemic.

As more students are phased back in, CMS says the district is working together the best they can to do it as safe as they can.

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