Charlotte man pays contractor $900, but work isn’t completed

Family pays for repairs, left with broken appliances

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A Charlotte family called WBTV for help after finding a contractor online at a price that turned out to be too good to be true.

Gary Spinner went on the website, “HomeAdvisor.”

A contractor responded to his inquiry and left his home with a check for $900. Four months later, Spinner says he paid the money but didn’t the contractor didn’t get the job done.

“When you come through a reputable company like HomeAdvisor, you think that they vet their contractors properly and you’re not going to have this issue,” said Gary Spinner.

Spinner needed some appliances fixed at his house.

He went on HomeAdvisor and connected with Nicole Cooper with “Appliance Repair Service” who helped set up a time for someone to come out to his home.

“A gentleman by the name of Dwayne Cooper came in, obviously her husband, and he started to look at the appliances," Spinner said.

He said there were three bad door seals, a bad motherboard kit, a bad valve for the cooktop and a bad filter for the refrigerator.

That, in addition to labor, totaled $1,648. He was asking for $900 for the parts.

Since he was tied to HomeAdvisor, Spinner gave him a check.

“For weeks, we went on trying to contact this man, kept getting different text messages, one of them was my mother is on life support systems, in Tennessee, I’ll check on your parts," Spinner said.

Spinner says when he didn’t get a response, he contacted HomeAdvisor and says they gave him “Dwayne’s” address, so he went to the location, and it was a hotel. He then called HomeAdvisor back.

“And then I tell them the gentleman Dwayne - and they say, we don’t have a Dwayne," Spinner said. "I said what do you mean? I have the business card here, and he signed my documentation when I gave him a check for $900, and he said his name was Dwayne. Oh no, his name is ‘Dan.’”

Confused and upset his appliances were still not repaired, he contacted HomeAdvisor yet again.

“I told HomeAdvisor, you didn’t vet these people properly, they gave you nothing but a bunch of phony information. Because you didn’t vet them properly, I’m out $900," Spinner said.

In an attempt to get Spinner’s money back, WBTV reached out to HomeAdvisor and made them aware of what happened in this case.

A HomeAdvisor spokesperson provided a statement saying: “We are always discouraged to hear when a homeowner has an issue with a pro and we are working with the customer towards a happy resolution.”

But Spinner says it’s too late for that.

After spending months trying to get his money back, he won’t turn to HomeAdvisor for help anymore.

“I think there are many people out there who prey on all of us. I have always said it’s not going to happen to me," Spinner said.”

It’s worth noting that we could never actually figure out what Cooper’s first name is – Dwayne or Dan.

We do have a good ending to this report, though.

Spinner told WBTV, after our repeated calls, he received a call from HomeAdvisor telling him they have decided to refund the entire $900.

All he has to do is send over the receipt.

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