Universities could be key as Biden, Trump target Black voters

Push for the Black vote

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - With the push towards Election Day in full swing, both President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are putting their focus on the Black vote.

“They want to take the Black voter for granted and they have taken the Black voter for granted,” President Trump said during an event Friday in Atlanta.

Trump was referring to Biden and the Democratic Party. Biden was in Charlotte on Wednesday, hosting a Black Economic Summit in Camp North End.

“African-American community by-and-large finds itself at the bottom of the economic heap when things are good, when things get bad they are first in the hole, when things get better, they are the last ones out,” he said.

Both are making a push for the Black vote.

“The Black voters are looking at access, again healthcare, economic empowerment, housing that is an issue particularly in Charlotte..social economic mobility,” said Dr. Terza Silva Lima-Neeves. “I think it’s highly strategic and the way the process if you want to win an election, you must look at these numbers, you must look at the facts and this is how you do it.”

Lima-Neeves is an associate professor of political science and chair of department of social and behavioral sciences at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte.

Johnson C. Smith is one of 107 historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in the U.S. They have become part of the conversation from Trump and Biden, in effort to sway voters, particularly college-aged voters.

“President Trump and Vice President Biden are trying to court the younger generation of Black voters because we know they played a major role in Obama’s election,” Lima-Neeves said.

On Wednesday, Biden hosted a Black Economic Summit in Camp North End. During an event Friday, President Trump announced “The Platinum Plan,” focusing on the economic empowerment of Black Americans.

Both Trump and Biden are also promising more money to HBCUs.

“The funding is definitely important. It allows us to do the work we need to do,” Lima-Neeves added.

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