Mecklenburg Co. political party leaders mobilizing voters in final stretch before election

Mecklenburg Co. political party leaders mobilizing voters in final stretch before election

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - As Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Trump make their mark on the Queen City with visits this week, local leaders are also trying to mobilize voters.

Leaders on both Trump and Biden election campaigns understand the significance of battle ground North Carolina.

“It’s an important state to Presidential politics and has been for a long time," Hogan Gidley, with the Trump Re-Election Campaign, told WBTV. "Donald Trump fundamentally changed the map for republican politics in 2016.”

Senior Advisor to Joe Biden, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, shared a similar sentiment.

“We’re competing in so many different states and we have many different pathways to victory and we see North Carolina as a critical part of that pathway," Chavez Rodriguez said.

In Mecklenburg County, campaigning on the ground looks a little different this year.

Mecklenburg County Democratic Party Chair Jane Whitley says they are doing things at a distance or virtually.

“We are doing virtual phone banks, contactless lit drops, we are doing a booming business in yard signs," Whitley said.

Mecklenburg County Republican Party Vice Chair Sarah Reidy-Jones says they are wearing masks, but they are getting out there.

“We are door knocking, we unfortunately have too few days before the election we can’t stop the get out the vote effort,” Reidy-Jones said.

The Mecklenburg County Board of Elections has sent out more than 133,000 absentee ballots to voters.

It’s a process Whitley wants voters to know they can trust.

“You can drop it into the mail and you can follow that online, or you can send it by FedEx, or you can take it to the Board of Elections," Whitley said.

Reidy-Jones wants to remind people that early voting is also a great option.

“If you skip the first day or last day it’s gonna be low turnout and they’re doing everything to make it as safe as possible," she said.

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