Both Republican members of N.C. State Board of Elections announce resignation

NCSBE resignations

RALEIGH, N.C. (WBTV) - Both Republican members of the North Carolina State Board of Elections have resigned from the board Wednesday night.

Officials with NCSBE say they received letters of resignation from board members David Black and Ken Raymond.

“We appreciate their service to the State Board, particularly the knowledge and perspective they provided from their years of service as members of county boards of elections. Their resignation letters are attached,” the press release read from NCSBE.

Both Black and Raymond went into detail with claims of being misled by lawyers and staff in a vote over the new agreement of revised voting regulations.

Their resignation letters outline points in which they say they were misled regarding the vote, which the NCSBE has touted as unanimous.

The board voted to approve an agreement that would resolve two lawsuits brought by a Democratic group that would roll back several laws regarding absentee ballots passed in the wake of the 9th Congressional District scandal in 2018.

The NCSBE says members received a full briefing.

“The unanimous agreement of the five-member State Board regarding the proposed settlement came after counsel to all board members from agency attorneys and litigation counsel before and during last week’s closed session meeting,” part of a press release from NCSBE reads. “The agency’s legal staff, who are civil servants, provide thorough legal memos to the board prior to every board meeting and answer any questions board members have about matters that come before the board.”

WBTV’s Nick Ochsner asked the NCSBE Tuesday for details about the vote, including whether it was taken in open or closed session and has yet to receive an answer.

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