SCGOP says someone shot bullet into window of office in Lancaster Co.

Bullets hit GOP office window in Lancaster County

LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. (WBTV) -The South Carolina Republican Party says someone shot a bullet into a window of their office in Lancaster County. Officials says the Lancaster County SCGOP office was vandalized Sunday night. Some time between 7:30-10:30 p.m., officials claim a vandal shot a bullet into the front window of their office.

Now sheriff’s deputies are trying to piece together whether it was an accident or a targeted attack. As of right now, that is unclear. Answering that question of whether this was an accident or on purpose is their top priority.

At first, this was a vandalism call. The person who called the sheriff’s office thought a rock or bat had gone through the window. The sergeant investigating found the bullet after he was let inside.

There was video from a nearby business. The report says the says the video does not show anyone walking up to the building. The angle did not give the sergeant a good look at any cars in the parking lot.

“We were shocked to find a bullet," says Lancaster County Republican Party Chairwoman Sandy McGarry. “A shot came through the window. A bullet. That’s what makes me sick to my stomach. It’s sickening. It’s scary. It’s really scary."

McGarry’s desk sits right behind the broken window. No one was inside the building, so no one was injured, but she still thinks of how it could have struck anyone.

“We don’t need to be shooting period. My husband has a gunshot wound," says McGarry. "So I can tell you from my own experience no one needs to go through that. It’s horrendous.”

Questions of intention or accident swirl as the sheriff’s office investigates. If it was an accident, McGarry says the guns need to be used for their intended purpose. If it was intentional, she says “Enough. Stop it. We are not your enemy. We are human beings as well. We have a right just as everybody else does.”

Just as McGarry condemns it, state Republic Party Chairman Drew McKissick calls for the same. “Fortunately this is the first time we’ve seen something this radical happen in South Carolina," he says. "It needs to be completely condemned by political leaders of all sides.”

Back in Lancaster County, some changes are coming to the Republican Party office.

“We’re gonna be taking precautions from now on. There will be some security," says McGarry.

It is not the only incident in South Carolina. In Spartanburg County, SCGOP officials claim Trump and Graham signs were stolen, cut and vandalized.

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