Apple Pickin’ in North Carolina: Orchard Trail Days In Hendersonville

Orchard Trail Days In Hendersonville

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - In North Carolina, apple ripening season runs from Late August through February, but the time to visit orchards runs through November. There are 16 different varieties of apples grown in the state.

Just in Hendersonville alone, there are 21 orchards. And you can visit them all! Beth Carden is the Henderson County Tourism Director.

She joined us on QC Morning, to give us more details on how you can safely visit these orchards.

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Beth tells us they are actually the largest apple growing county in North Carolina. She tells us as they’ve gotten ready for this season, NC State University has provided a lot of information to the farmers about how to social distance and handle the produce.

She says since there are so many orchards, it’s easier for everyone to spread out.

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