The Foodie School Is Now Open In Fort Mill

A New Cooking School Is Now Open In Fort Mill

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - We have told you about closures since March due to the pandemic, but when faced in tough situations, some people rise above and find their true callings. Mara Norris decided to start her own cooking school and you can find it now in Fort Mill. Mara joined us on QC@3 to tell us how The Foodie School got started. Mara used to work for Salude. Unfortunately, they shut down all of their locations in the South East region, so Mara decided to try something new. She tells us cooking is her passion and she just couldn’t let it go. So, she called on her chef friends and a network of people to find out how to start her own business. She tells us 3 months later, the doors are open and they’re ready to get started!

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