Rock Hill masks mandate could be extended indefinitely, council voting Monday

Rock Hill to vote on extending mask mandate

ROCK HILL, S.C. (WBTV) - A change could be coming to the Rock Hill area. City council will take a vote on the mask mandate that has been in place since July.

This vote would make Rock Hill’s mask mandate indefinite until council decides to repeal it. The mandate would have expired on September 7 if council had not voted to extend it until mid-October.

Now, council members are trying to keep the mandate without having to vote every 60 days. This is the second reading for this emergency ordinance, so if it passes tonight, it will be enacted.

Only four council members need to vote yes for this to pass. The same amount of council members will need to vote to repeal it as well.

Everything in the mandate still stands. The emergency ordinance requires everyone in Rock Hill to wear a mask inside buildings. This includes restaurants, shops and nail salons. People working in those places are also required to wear a mask.

Anyone without a mask will be fined up to one hundred dollars. The few exceptions like religious beliefs, medical conditions and children under 10 still stand as well.

Some people around Rock Hill are encouraging council to continue the mask requirement.

“I love it. I love protecting me and others. Yes ma’am, protect me and everybody else," says one Rock Hill resident.

“I am in agreement with them continuing it. I do believe it has made a difference," says another."

We will continue to monitor and update this when the vote comes out.

Rock Hill became the first city in York County to require masks. The July vote came down at a specially-called meeting. It was not without heated debate.

The state also has a mask mandate in place. Governor Henry McMaster announced in August the Accelerate SC guidelines would be required. This includes wearing a mask inside shops and restaurants.

The governor also called on cities and counties to enact mask requirements.

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