Lake patrol officers say Lake Norman has busiest summer, Labor Day holiday in years

Lake patrol officers say Lake Norman has busiest summer, Labor Day holiday in years

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Every year people flock to Lake Norman to cool off on Labor Day.

Iredell County Sheriff’s lake patrol officers say this year is busier than ever, likely because people have been cooped up indoors and are ready to have some socially-distanced fun outside.

It’s the first time the Walker family is spending Labor Day on Lake Norman.

”We thought we would try to do something different,” Lutricia Walker said. “We thought the beach would be open, but it’s still a nice day so we decided to make the best of it.”

The closed sign at the Ramsey Creek Park beach is the only reminder of COVID-19.

”Social distancing is at a peak here,” Eshe Walker said. “You’re not close to anybody, honestly it’s just us hanging out.”

Boaters are in on the action, finding the lake is choppier than ever.

”A lot of chaos, you got to be really careful,” bass fisherman William Ledford said.

He says law enforcement presence on the lake makes him feel safe.

”A lot of sheriff’s boats, stuff like that,” Ledford said.

Iredell County Sheriff’s lake patrol officers are pulling people over for safety checks.

”Make sure you have all your safety equipment and even if you don’t plan on staying out late go ahead and check your lights to make sure they’re working because once you’re out there you’re just a sitting duck that no one can see,” Deputy Jarid Church said.

Church said this has been one of the busiest summers on Lake Norman and this Labor Day is no exception.

”Your head needs to be on a swivel at all times,” he said. “When you get into a hairy situation there’s no need to beat someone around a corner, just slow down and stop.”

If you don’t, the deputies will stop you. They aim to strike a balance between fun and safety.

Church said there have not been any issues with COVID-19 violations, but they are checking sand bars to ensure social distancing is happening.

He said their biggest concern is boating safety, after two boats collided shortly after midnight Sunday. He said it’s important on busy days like this for everyone to wear a lifejacket.

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