Gyms in Charlotte prepare to reopen with new safety protocols

N.C. gyms preparing to reopen tomorrow

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - It has been several months since North Carolinians have been able to hit the gym for an indoor work ut.

Gyms had to close their doors in March, but they are finally gearing up to reopen.

Phase 2.5 starts at 5 p.m. Friday, meaning most gyms in Charlotte are reopening Saturday morning.

“We’re certainly thankful to get inside,” Joe Angelon, Dowd YMCA District Executive Director, told WBTV.

Angelon said they have been ready for months.

“All of our equipment has been physically distanced to 6 feet or over,” Angelon said. “We have spacing for members to work out where there are check marks on the floor where there’s a safe distance for the person next to you. We have sanitation stations throughout the facility.”

You can expect to get your temperature checked at the door and wear a mask until you get to your station. You are also required to spray and wipe down your station before and after your workout.

“We think we’ll get a good group of individuals back,” Angelon said. “I hope they’re confident in what we’ve done to keep them safe.”

Opening at 30 percent capacity is a little trickier for exercise studios like F45 in Midtown which is smaller in space.

“Before the pandemic, we could get up to 36 people in a class depending on the format, and post- COVID we will cap our classes at 18,” F45 Midtown President Katie Williams said.

Group classes will look a little different.

“After the time frame is up, the member has an extra 35 seconds of rest, which is additional to what normally have. Then they would then spray off their equipment with the spray bottle before moving to the next station.,” Williams said.

They are also implementing a weekly electrostatic spray of hospital grade germicide as an added layer of protection.

The goal is to keep people safe while they break a sweat.

“I would just say come on in and burn off that COVID-19!” Williams said.

Both gym directors say they feel confident they can open safely, now they just have to wait and see how long it takes customers to feel that same comfort.

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