Gaston County leaders kick off ‘Gaston SAVES’ campaign to fight COVID-19

Gaston County campaigns to push for mask wearing

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Gaston County leaders are pushing out a new initiative to help flatten the curve of COVID-19.

Officials announced the new Gaston SAVES program, which provides information and resources in regard to the virus.

“We know Gaston County is a community that cares deeply about one another,” Gaston County public information officer Brittain Kenney said. “We care about our friends and our businesses.”

Resources on the initiative will be found at

Gaston SAVES stands for safety, awareness and vital emergency support.

“Gaston SAVES is dedicated to turning this compassion to action to save lives,” Kenney said. “It will promote community safety at education to at-risk populations throughout Gaston County.”

The website, which is expected to launch on Thursday, will provide resources, including places for free testing and a mask meter, which informs people about at-risk environments.

“The ultimate goal of Gaston SAVES is to save lives and reduce the impact of crisis like COVID-19,” Kenney said. “Even though it is focused around COVID, we will continue to guide county residents’ guidance, information and quick access to community resources in times of emergency.”

People can also hashtag #GastonSaves on Instagram, and those photos will be shared on the website.

Aside from the Gaston Saves initiative, Gaston County officials are encouraging residents and visitors to wear masks in public.

“That’s excellent, it needs to be that way. Even if it’s not a holiday weekend, I think it needs to be all the time. I’m here to protect you in front of me, that’s what I’m doing with this on,” said Terri Freeman.

The news was also exciting for ride share driver Alexander Witworth.

“Probably two out every three times, they’re not wearing one,” he said about riders. “If not for your own safety, do for other people’s safety.”

The county’s “Masks Together” program is to help slow the spread of the coronavirus through the use of face coverings.

On Monday through Friday, at Gaston County libraries, free face coverings will be given away.

“You should always wear masks when you are around others,” Kenney said.

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