Charlotte parent upset after inappropriate content allegedly appears during virtual class

Report of inappropriate material shared during CMS class

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A south Charlotte family is upset after they say their 11-year-old child was allegedly exposed to inappropriate content during a virtual class for Waddell Language Academy.

“I was outraged. I almost lost my mind,” Don Minor said from his south Charlotte home.

He says he’s usually an even keel kind of a guy. But not after what his 11-year-old daughter allegedly experienced during a virtual classroom meeting.

“Just the thought of not just my 11-year-old, but other 11-year-olds in that class being exposed to this type of material, I just couldn’t believe something like this could happen.” he said.

Minor tells WBTV his daughter on two consecutive school days was exposed to adult content while in an online school drama class for Waddell Language Academy. The first day, he claims were inappropriate discussions on a popular profanity-laced song, and the next – flashes of a pornographic website.

Minor says it was other students in the classroom who are responsible.

Most classes in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools system are virtual because of the pandemic. Students routinely dial into a platform like Zoom for their classes.

The teacher is in charge of the meeting and what goes on, but on two occasions, Minor says, the teacher’s connection dropped out.

When this happened, Minor says Zoom assigned the next person who signed in to take control, and in this case, it was students that took control.

“I have deep concerns about this sort of lack of control. This time it happened and was cut short in about three minutes, but this really could have gone off the rails.” Minor told us.

We reached out to CMS to get their take on what happened. They provided the following statement.

“CMS investigates all reported activities of students allegedly sharing inappropriate content. The district would not be able to share details about student behavior or disciplinary action against any child based on student privacy laws. The remote classroom is considered the same as an in-person classroom. Any students who violate the Code of Student Conduct would be disciplined according to the code,” the statement read.

Minor says this is a good life-lesson for parents. Know what your kids are doing online, even if it’s during school.

“This is not a set it and forget it process right? Our kids aren’t sitting in a classroom that is a controlled environment. They’re in an environment that quite frankly can be hacked by outsiders,” Minor said.

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