Woman banned from Charlotte taproom after caught on camera drinking directly from tap

Updated: Aug. 31, 2020 at 4:41 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Charlotte’s first self pour taproom closed its doors Sunday following the release of a video that shows someone drinking directly from a tap the night before.

Hoppin’ is back open to the public after taking a day to clean and sanitize.

In a video that went viral within the Charlotte community, an unidentified woman can be seen drinking from one of the taps at Hoppin’.

Others can be heard yelling “Pour, pour, pour” and cheering in the background.

The video was posted Sunday on Reddit and Instagram with a caption on some posts saying it was recorded Saturday night.

Hoppin staff released a statement Sunday afternoon that said “Last night an incident took place at Hoppin’ that was completely unacceptable, not indicative of how we run our establishment and will not be tolerated. The individual responsible for the incident has since been permanently banned from Hoppin’.”

The statement continued, noting the establishment’s temporary closure.

The taproom reopened Monday afternoon.

The owner told WBTV the beer tap involved in this incident will be closed off.

“There weren’t a ton of people social distancing so that’s why you saw the reason for the video,” customer Shane Flanagan said.

Flanagan said he was at Hoppin’ hours before this happened and said it was busy.

“If you’re going to the bar I don’t think you’re worried about the virus to begin with,” he said.

Ryan Shoffner, who lives right around the corner and frequents Hoppin’, found the video appalling.

“Relative to some of the other bars they’re doing the best they can,” Shoffner said. “It’s pretty difficult to plan for someone to come into your establishment and literally wrap their lips around a beer tap, so I don’t think they could’ve game-planned for that necessarily.”

In a previous statement, a spokesperson for CMPD said:

“The CMPD is aware of the video showing a woman drink from a beer tap at Hoppin’ located at 1402 Winnifred Street. The CMPD is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident and is working with the Health Department to determine any applicable violations or guidance. The CMPD has previously been in contact with the business to educate the employees on the Governor’s COVID-related orders, and a follow-up visit with the business the day of, and prior to, this incident showed the business was in compliance.”

On Sept. 9, CMPD says the taproom received a citation for COVID violation.

Hoppin’ permanently banned the woman in the video.

Shoffner says it will hopefully be a lesson for many.

“I hope this will serve as a starch reminder of what can happen if you maybe have a couple too many drinks and don’t make the smartest decisions,” Shoffner said.

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