Students, staff test positive for COVID-19 in Clover School District

Staff members, students test positive for COVID-19 in Clover School District

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (WBTV) - Clover School District students have been back one week, but coronavirus cases are already popping up throughout the district.

Nine staff members and eight students tested positive for Covid-19. Superintendent Dr. Sheila Quinn says the cases represent less than one percent of each group.

“Individuals that needed to quarantine were both verbally and in writing notified that they needed to quarantine,” says Quinn.

Quinn says none of the cases were from the school. She says the cases came from being in the community or large groups. Quinn stressed the need for parents to help the district minimize spread.

“We need our families to continue practicing social distancing both in school and out of school to prevent the spread of the virus and that’s a big area of improvement for all of us,” she says.

Quinn says families with positive coronavirus cases kept their students home. The district also requires anyone with a positive COVID-19 case to alert the school nurse.

“We are working hard to do our part, to follow all protocols, and to be transparent with you on our progress,” she says.

The district told the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) about all of the cases. This was part of a request from Governor Henry McMaster in a letter sent to DHEC three weeks ago. It’s all in an effort to track coronavirus cases in schools.

The data from DHEC is expected to come out sometime this week, according to DHEC physician Dr. Brannon Traxler.

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