Gov. Cooper extends N.C.’s curfew on late-night alcohol sales until October

Gov. Cooper extends N.C.'s late-night alcohol ban

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Governor Roy Cooper has extended North Carolina’s statewide curfew on the sale of alcohol at restaurants in response to the cornavirus pandemic.

The curfew, stated in Executive Order 153, banned restaurants from selling alcoholic drinks between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., and kept bars across the state closed. It went into effect on Friday, July 31, and was set to expire on Aug. 31.

Just hours before the curfew was set to expire, Gov. Cooper announced it would be extended through Oct. 2.

“North Carolina has made good progress stabilizing our COVID-19 numbers, and this order will help us continue it,” said Governor Cooper. “Now is the time to continue staying cautious and vigilant as we work to beat this pandemic.”

The full order for the curfew can be found here.

The order does not apply to grocery stores, convenience stores or other entities permitted to sell alcohol for off-premises consumption.

Governor Roy Cooper said the curfew was enacted to drive down numbers and continue the state’s COVID-19 trends, which health officials say have been moving in the right direction.

The governor said public health experts and examples from other states show that bars and other places where people gather closely together are a high-transmission setting.

“We want to prevent restaurants from turning into bars after hours. We’re hopeful that this new rule can help drive down cases,” Gov. Cooper said.

Local governments that have implemented orders that end alcohol sales before 11 p.m. or that apply to other entities remain in effect.

The governor says their orders will remain in place as long as they are as strict or more strict, and the statewide order will go into effect anywhere that does not already have such a curfew already.

“This will be particularly important as colleges and universities are scheduled to start, bringing people all over the country to our state. We’ve seen case numbers increase among younger people, and prevention is critical to slowing the spread of the virus,” Gov. Cooper said.

Frequently asked questions about the curfew can be found below.

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