Anti-Trump billboard catches attention in uptown Charlotte, there’s more to it than just politics

Updated: Aug. 25, 2020 at 11:32 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - There’s one thing that remains in the city, even after the events for the Republican National Convention are done in Charlotte.

A message on a moving billboard truck is bound to catch your eye in uptown.

“It’s effective no doubt,” said Scott Coyte.

Coyte is the one behind the wheel driving the truck around. He says he can tell the ad, which criticizes President Trump, is getting attention by the looks on the faces of each driver he passes.

“Some of the gestures I’ve got, I can’t really repeat on camera. But, others are looks of shock and other people just give me the thumbs down. Or they yell something, and I just turn the radio up,” he said.

But even if Trump’s image and likeness weren’t plastered all over the truck and the ad had Trump’s signature campaign message of “Keep America Great” on the sides, Coyte would still be at the wheel driving to show off the billboard.

“You show up and drive what’s there,” said Coyte.

It’s never been about the messages, but about the money he makes driving with messages. Coyte says he lost his restaurant job because of layoffs due to COVID-19. He says his new job was the only way could bring home a paycheck for the meantime.

The organization that paid for the ad is called Lock Him Up Please and raised nearly $4,000 to make this happen during the week of the RNC.

“I just said okay whatever, I’ll do it,” said Coyte.

Coyte will be driving throughout Charlotte with President Trump on his truck until Thursday. It’s possible by next week, Coyte will be told to drive around and showcase an anti-Joe Biden ad. If it’s a paid gig, he says he’ll do it because it’s another scheduled job opportunity.

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