Support coming for some Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools homeless students

Support coming for some Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools homeless students

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - There are about 4,000 homeless students in Charlotte Mecklenburg School (CMS) District.

The remote learning has become a challenge for those students.

About 20 homeless students are getting shelter at Harvest Center Charlotte. Harvest Center is a place where people come to get back on their feet while looking for employment and housing.

Currently, 67 people are at the facility and some have kids.

Parents are stressed busy looking for job and home and have to keep up with their kid’s remote learning.

This concerned the Harvest Center Director.

“They already suffered through the first trauma of COVID,” Harvest Center Exec. Director Colin Pinkney said. “And they are still trying to get on their feet. I knew instinctively that these kids would need additional support on our campus.”

The support would come in the form of the Oasis Foundation. It is an academic enrichment that helps students. Monday morning, instead of the students learning on their own, they will come to a facility at Harvest Center and get the needed support.

“In this setting in particular we will have more than enough staff,” Oasis Foundation Leader Christal Brice said. “There will be one tutor slash facilitator per classroom to support those students. That they are on schedule, going into classes on time virtually, making sure assignments are done and completed on time.”

Harvest Center leaders say remote learning for the students staying at the facility was a challenge.

“Sometimes living in this time and doing things online we find that their levels can go down academically,” Harvest Center Transformation Director Danielle Brown said. “But having that in-person time with a tutor and one on one - their academics will succeed.”

There will be social distancing enforced and there will only be two students stationed at a table. Food will also be delivered to the facility so students can get the nourishment they need to learn. The support is designed to be a game-changer.

“We think that if we keep that component,” Brice said. “Somebody there reachable and teachable - they are able to boost their scores even in an environment that is completely remote.”

There will also be after school care provided at the facility to allow parents to work.

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