Sheriff McFadden takes complaints about community jail support to Mecklenburg Co. commissioners

Updated: Aug. 18, 2020 at 11:36 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The ongoing battle about a group that stands outside the Mecklenburg County jail and offers resources to those just released from jail has taken another step.

On Tuesday, county commissioners weighed in.

In a press conference in June, Sheriff Garry McFadden has said some members of the group are unruly, have left behind quite a mess and harass visitors at the jail.

During the commissioner’s meeting, the sheriff stood firm saying the group is a nuisance. The sheriff’s complaints ranged from trash left in the area, vandalism to the sheriff’s office connected to the jail and human feces along with public walking spaces.

Meanwhile, county commissioners shared their thoughts on what needs to happen next.

The sheriff admitted all the help being offered for people coming in and out of jail was solid a few months ago when the George Floyd protests were happening, but now it’s nothing but disruption.

“I support the concept of jail support, but I do not support what jail support has been turned into to know and what has been hijacked to be,” said Sheriff McFadden.

The people standing for jail support don’t like how Sheriff McFadden is branding the group.

“We protect and serve our community,” said one person from jail support.

They all say they have a right to be there because it’s public property and is only out there because they feel like county and city leaders are not doing enough to help people get back on their feet when they are released from jail.

“If the county and the city want to do jail support than they should be doing jail support then they should be doing the very things that we are doing. They should be using their enormous amount of resources,” the jail supporter continued.

Commissioners say they support the idea, but the area needs to be cleaned up.

Sheriff McFadden did not say if he is working on plans to remove jail support.

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