Day 2 of remote learning for CMS paints much more promising picture for days ahead

Second day of school much smoother for CMS

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - With day two now in the books for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, many families kept their fingers crossed the technology glitches from day one wouldn’t be a repeat.

A statewide server outage prevented thousands of students from logging on for the first half of their day Monday.

But families say day two wasn’t just about overcoming those initial technology glitches the district saw Monday, but they wanted to get that confidence back in their kids; to reassure them that remote learning, really can work.

“Thank goodness for the wonderful teachers that we have, because that really kind of kept him on track yesterday,” says CMS parent Billi Tilly.

We spoke with Tilly on Monday, during the first day back to school.

Her daughters were some of the thousands of CMS students who tried to log on, but got caught in that statewide server glitch.

“I really hate what happened yesterday. And I know that some of these things are to be expected,” says Tilly.

We checked back in with her family on the second day of remote learning.

“The girls logged in and pretty much seamless, no kinks, no crashes,” reported Billy.

Tilly said day two with no glitches, gave them a better sense of what they’re going to encounter on a day-to-day basis.

CMS parent and teacher Lavida Mickens agrees.

“Today was better than yesterday, in many ways, especially with technology,” says Mickens.

While many families didn’t necessarily run into those technology glitches on the second day, CMS reports several thousand students still don’t have access to internet.

The district says their supply of hotspots cant meet the demands of the nearly 8,500 students who still report they need stable internet connectivity to log on.

CMS says they’re doing everything they can to try and get more hotspots in supply, so then can in return, get them to the students who need them.

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