Major server crashes as CMS families start with remote learning. Will glitches be part of new routine?

Updated: Aug. 17, 2020 at 7:20 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Along with everything ‘new’ that came with remote learning to start the new school year, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools families also had to balance technology glitches on the first day back.

“I just wish we would have had a better first day,” admitted CMS parent, Billi Tilly. “My youngest got off her first zoom call and said ‘Well looks like I wont be learning anything today.‘”

Tilly says it’s tough to hear those discouraging words from her daughter who was so eager to start this school year off on the right foot.

Tilly’s daughter and thousands of other CMS families logged on Monday morning, only to be shut out.

A statewide NC Ed Cloud crash prevented her kids from logging on for remote learning for the first half of their school day.

“I just feel like just really unacceptable, considering that, you know, were a very large school district and even statewide,” Tilly said.

CMS leadership says the issues with the system glitches were out of their hands. But parents worry if these crashes are going to be part of their students’ daily routine now.

“It certainly did not make me feel any better about remote learning for sure,” says Tilly.

CMS teacher Jennifer Wicks says even with glitches, parents and teachers have to press forward.

“What good does it do to worry about it crashing?” asks Wicks. “Because when it crashed I just came up with two quick activities to do with them instead.”

Not only does Wicks teach at CMS, but so does her husband. They also have the roles of CMS parents; two CMS students of their own.

Wicks says she knows it’s a lot of hats to wear but when challenges pop up, flexibility is whats most important.

“When the technology goes out, everyone’s got to be flexible. Grab a book, have them read it. Come up with something for them to do,” says Wicks. “I know that there’s going to be obstacles and we have to sort of pause, take a breath and say, okay, things are going to get better.”

As of Monday afternoon, CMS leadership says they had not received a formal notification from the state that the NC Ed Cloud server issues were no longer impacting CMS.

However, CMS Superintendent Earnest Winston reiterated they’re doing everything they can to make sure repeat glitches don’t occur.

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