Caldwell County Schools welcome students back to the classroom

Caldwell County Schools welcome students back to the classroom

HUDSON, N.C. (WBTV) - It’s been five months since students in Caldwell County were actually inside a classroom but that streak ended Monday.

The first day of school atmosphere, though, was not a familiar one to anybody.

“This school year is unlike any that we’ve experienced,” said Superintendant Dr. Don Phipps.

With some students opting for 100 percent online learning and the rest of the students In the public school system there signing up for a combination of classroom and online learning, the challenges, education-wise, are different, according to Phipps.

“It has not been easy and will not be easy but we’re committed to doing a great job,” he said.

The first priority, though, in the age of coronavirus, Phipps said is “safety.”

It means anyone entering the school must have their temperature checked either by a handheld device or by a thermal imaging system.

Everyone is required to wear masks and social distancing is a must in all areas of the school, inside and out.

Parent Christie Bumgarner said she has confidence in the school system.

“I think the county has done everything they can to keep the children safe,” she said.

Still, more than 2,500 of the system’s 11,000 students will remain home and learn online.

One parent said it was all about fears of coronavirus.

Officials say they understand and it’s why they are offering instruction on several platforms.

Safety procedures will be reviewed constantly, said Phipps, with changes being made when necessary.

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