NC families prepare for a school year unlike any before

Families prepare for new school year

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - It is the last weekend of summer break for families in North Carolina.

Students, parents and teachers are about to begin a school year unlike any they have experienced before.

On Friday, cars lined up outside Lake Wylie Elementary School as parents picked up school supplies and Chromebooks before Monday’s first day.

“A lot of parents are very nervous. Are they going to be able to virtually homeschool their kids or will they have to quit their job,” said Linda Turner, President of nonprofit Blissfully Humble.

Jose Moran drove through the pickup line to collect supplies for his two daughters. Moran says his wife resigned from her job so she could stay home to help their girls learn virtually.

“I’m applying for a second job pretty soon. We’ll see but everything for them. Everything is for them,” Moran said.

Linda Turner was furloughed from her job at the beginning of the pandemic.

She started grocery shopping for seniors in her neighborhood.

Six months later, her work has become the nonprofit Blissfully Humble.

On Friday, volunteers with her organization handed out backpacks and school supplies to families.

“There are 500 kids in this school and they said about 75 percent of them are below the poverty level, some are homeless and sleeping in their cars. So we were able to get stuff through donations and hard work for 350 of those kids,” Turner said.

Turner spoke with families that pulled up to pick up school supplies. She says many of them are in need of much more than backpacks, supplies, or a snackbag for their children.

“There’s been a couple times I’ve been in tears today hearing some of these stories. And just because someone is driving a nice car doesn’t mean they aren’t going through a rough time,” Turner said.

Blissfully Humble provides for people going through hard times. Turner says they plan to deliver furniture to a couple of families that pulled through the school-supply-pick-up line Friday.

“It’s a different situation in every car, but it’s those people in need that just have nowhere to go,” Turner said.

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