Charlotte strip club fined by state for drugs, drunk dancers and explicit sex acts

Charlotte strip club fined by state for drugs, drunk dancers and explicit sex acts
Charlotte strip club fined by state for drugs, drunk dancers and explicit sex acts (Source: Charlotte Observer)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (The Charlotte Observer) - An investigation into the Leather & Lace strip club in University City by North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement agents led to uncovering drugs, alcohol and other violations, documents show.

A 22-page report filed with the North Carolina Alcohol Beverage Control Commission shows 21 violations from October to February.

The club was one of 61 public hearing cases ratified during Wednesday’s regular meeting of the state ABC commission, with penalties over $73,000 or suspensions of permits for three days or more, according to the commission.

The Leather & Lace case followed a six-month long investigation by N.C. Alcohol Law Enforcement of the Leather & Lace South Boulevard adult entertainment business, also penalized in April for drugs and dancers drinking on the job.

The clubs are part of MAL Entertainment Inc., owned by David “Slim” Baucom Jr. Baucom did not return messages seeking comment Wednesday.

Undercover ALE agents were following up at Leather & Lace North after a complaint about employees drinking on the job, illegal drug sales and violations of a sexually-explicit nature.

A team of eight ALE agents and Mecklenburg ABC officers visited the 7321 N. Tryon St. club six times during the four-month operation, reports show.

On each occasion, agents did not have to sign in or pay a membership fee, as required by private clubs, according to the reports.

Agents said several customers were “heavily intoxicated” during visits. One man was visibly “unsteady on his feet.” Another man passed out at the bar and was “falling out of his chair,” according to the reports.

Strippers and club employees drank shots of Fireball, Crown Royal Apple, Patron and cocktails like “Dirty Shirley,” according to the report.

Some dancers were seen “stumbling” and one 24-year-old stripper “just laid on the stage rolling around and would go crawl on all fours” to get to her drink at the back of the stage, a report said. It is a violation of the liquor license for employees to work while or after consuming alcoholic beverages, according to the ABC commission.

Agents also purchased powder cocaine from a stripper named “Yummy” on three visits, including $200 for an “eight ball,” a 1/8th ounce of cocaine, according to the report.

Dancers also were too sexually explicit, the agents said in the report, including one “performing dancing services with her genitals exposed and allowing patrons to touch her during the dance.” In a private dance with “Ling Ling,” she showed too much of her genitals, an agent said.

To settle the violations, the club has until Sept. 4 to pay a $5,000 fine or face a liquor license suspension, according to the ABC commission.

North Carolina is one of 17 states to regulate alcohol through a control system.