Mooresville teen scammed out of $2,000 given new jet ski by Lake Norman club

Mooresville teen scammed out of $2,000 given new jet ski by Lake Norman club

MOORESVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) - Last month, WBTV reported that a Mooresville teenager was scammed out of more than $2,000 after buying jet skis online.

After seeing 16-year-old Keith Hanson’s story, the Lake Norman Jet Ski Club wanted to help him out.

They invited him to go riding Saturday morning in Sherills Ford.

That's when Hanson got the surprise that the club had a new jet ski -- just for him.

“It’s just amazing what some people are willing to do for other people and especially now in the crazy world we’re living in right now with everything going on,” mother Dianna Hanson said. “I don’t know if I could ever re-pay them for what they’ve done for my son, but I do want to thank each and every one of you for putting in the hours and the time and the effort into doing this.”

Back in June, WBTV’s investigative team said Hanson had been saving his money for a deal that proved too good to be true.

Dianne Hanson said says she can’t believe what happened to her son who has been saving his money and dreaming about buying two jet skis.

Hanson, on June 9, saw an ad on Facebook marketplace for two 2007 SEA DOO GTX jet skis and a trailer for $1,200. He contacted the owner identified as Olga Wanner who claimed to be a verified eBay seller. She wanted him to pay for the purchase using eBay gift cards.

“We bought the eBay cards for $1,200, he paid for them, we have emails stating that eBay verified the payments and they would be delivered on June 15,” Dianne said.

But days later, the seller wanted more money to complete the deal.

“Then he got another email stating that he needed to pay another $1,000 for insurance that this woman also had to pay but that we would get refunded for that. It was like an insurance thing,” Dianne said.

They purchased another $1,000 in eBay gift cards and completed the transaction. That was the last correspondence with the seller who kept the gift cards and the jet skis.

Hanson was unable to get his money back.

After learning of the story, Lake Norman Jet Ski Club stepped in with its good deed. The Lake Norman Jet Ski Club says Hanson is now officially a member and can go riding out on the water with them anytime.

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