‘Took them all’: Thieves steal thousands of dollars worth of peaches from York farmer

‘Took them all’: Thieves steal thousands of dollars worth of peaches from York farmer
Arthur Black, owner of Black’s Peaches on S.C. 5 west of York, said he found his orchard stripped of thousands of dollars worth of peaches. (Source: Rock Hill Herald)

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (Rock Hill Herald) - A York County peach farmer’s Friday morning wasn’t so peachy. He said thieves stole thousands of dollars of peaches from his orchard.

Arthur Black, owner of Black’s Peaches on S.C. 5 west of York, said that trees in one of his orchards off Owens Road were found stripped bare of fruit Friday morning.

“I had just told my people Thursday those trees were ready for picking Friday,” he said. “But Friday morning we found there was nothing left to pick. They took all of them.”

Black, whose family has run the orchards and farm since 1923, estimated that at least 75 half-bushels of peaches were taken.

“That amount, sold at retail at a flea market or side of the road or somewhere, you are talking maybe $10,000 in peaches,” Black said. “But a peach doesn’t have a serial number on it. Somebody would think they are buying a peach that wasn’t stolen but it was.”

The theft caused a furor on social media after Black’s employees posted on Facebook about the purloined peaches. The posting was shared more than 1,000 times Friday in just a few hours.

One person said: “I hate a thief.”

For 97 years the family has sold peaches and other produce from the stand on the S.C. 5 Black Highway, named for Arthur’s grandfather. The orchard allows people to pick peaches for a fee.

Black said he did not yet file a police report with the York County Sheriff’s Office.

“It would be hard for anybody to prove a peach they got was stolen,” Black said.