Burke ambulances add new device to increase sanitizing

Burke Co. ambulances equipped with virus-killing lights

MORGANTON, N.C. (WBTV) - After every emergency call, paramedics in Burke County are not done once the patient is at the hospital.

“We take a spray they have given us and we wipe down all the seats, the handles, the door and everything,” said Casey Edwards.

Officials though, wanted more done.

The priority, they said, was to keep patients and the paramedics safe.

“The more people we can keep healthy the more ambulances we can keep on the road,” said Major

Jason Black. It’s why the county says It spent thousands of dollars on a new ultraviolet light sanitation system for the vehicles.

It’s in a small metal box that attaches to the inside wall of the ambulance.

“What’s called a Photo Catalytic Ionization Cell, " said sales representative Jason Seidel.

It uses positive ions generated with the UV light to attack any bacteria and viruses.

“It will kill them,” he said.

The device is running anytime the vehicle is on the road or plugged up to an electrical source.

Officials say it does not take the place of wiping down everything but it does add an extra layer of protection for patients and paramedics.

It costs $2,000 per device, paid for with COVID-19 relief money. 13 ambulances in Burke County have them installed so far. More will be getting the devices, say officials.

Black says if it works as they expect, “It’s well worth the money.”

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