Two campgrounds along the Blue Ridge Parkway open for the the first time this year

Mountain Campground open

(WBTV) - The coronavirus has kept a lot of places closed this year and among them were all the campgrounds along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

That changed on Friday as officials allowed two of the campgrounds to open.

The Linville Falls Campground and the Julian Price Campground are among the most popular stops along the famous road.

People lined up at the offices on Friday to get a choice spot, if they could.

Park visitor Chuck Scruggs said he had been wanting to camp at Julian Price for months and didn’t understand why campgrounds were shut down.

“This is the safest entertainment we have,” Scruggs said.

Officials, though, were concerned about large groups and the possibility of spreading the virus.

The campgrounds have opened with campers being told to make sure of social distancing and to wear facemasks when near anyone.

Restrooms and other facilities will be sanitized several times a day.

Visitor Chris Hughes said he was tired of “being cooped up inside of four white walls for months,” and was happy to finally get outside.

He and others said they would follow all the rules in hopes the two campgrounds opened Friday will stay that way and that the gates to others could open up soon too.

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