South End bar Pins Mechanical closes one day after reopening

South End bar Pins Mechanical closes one day after reopening

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A local bar that reopened Thursday, closed its doors Friday night.

Pins Mechanical in South End was not able to reopen with restaurants during Phase 2 of Governor Cooper’s order. After months of closure they made the decision to reopen, to prove they could do it safely.

The popular bar is known for its many games including bowling, duckpin, and pinball. The games remained closed when the bar reopened, but new safety protocols were put in place for the day they can open them.

The duckpin bowling is outfitted with UV light. Every time the ball hits the pins it goes through the light, cleaning it before the next person picks it up.

“Yeah definitely feel super safe here so they’re doing a good job,” customer Eric Westerduin said Friday afternoon.

He said it did not concern him to be there despite the fact that bars are not allowed to be open under Governor Cooper’s executive order.

“I love technicalities, love grey areas,” Westerduin said. “They are not a bar, first of all. I feel like they’re an awesome bowling alley. They have a food truck outside so that’s food.”

Troy Allen is the CEO of Rise Brands, which owns Pins Mechanical. He sent a statement reading in part:

“We truly care, we appreciate everyone’s support, your passion and individual opinions, we are simply fighting for our business, our team and the hospitality industry... especially since many resources initially offered to those in this industry are now depleted. Our teammates have nowhere to turn and we will continue to fight for them.”

But around 6:20 p.m. Friday, employees started removing furniture from outside and put a closed sign out front.

According to a spokesperson, Mecklenburg County Public Health Director Gibbie Harris said:

“Pins is not a restaurant. They have no permit to operate as one. I have talked with CMPD Deputy Chief Estes and he will have an officer go back out and enforce the EO which does not allow bars or arcades at this time.”

CMPD also confirms an officer spoke to the owner, and he voluntarily shut down the business.

In a statement the police department said:

“Our efforts have remained the same in that we work towards voluntary compliance with each member of the community through education and conversations, only resorting to citations and/or arrests as a last-measure.”

But after announcing its reopening, the closed sign is causing confusion for South End millennials.

“We didn’t know! We were ready to meet our friends!” several women told WBTV.

Allen did not comment on tonight’s closure or give any information regarding future re-opening plans.

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