Dream On 3: Virtual sports trivia with two professional football players

Dream on 3 offers virtual fun

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) -Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the organizers from Dream On 3 have been having to come up with creative ways to make magic moments for local kids.

The nonprofit provides kids living with a disability or life-altering conditions an opportunity to live out their ultimate sports dreams.

Earlier this month, Brandon Lindsey, the founder of Dream On 3, rounded up several Dream Kids to participate in a game of sports trivia. The kids were split up on two teams. Each team was captained by a professional football player.

Larry Ogunjobi, a defensive tackle for the Cleveland Browns, and Ian Thomas, a tight end for the Carolina Panthers, were the leaders of each team. Kevin Donnalley, a former Carolina Panthers player and current UNC-Charlotte offensive line coach, served as the host for the virtual game.

Over the course of an hour, the kids took turns answering sports trivia questions. Different questions were worth a different point values.

The end of the competition came down to a points wager, followed by a single question answered by each team captain. While both Ogunjobi and Thomas answered the question correctly, Ogunjobi wagered more points, ultimately leading his team to victory.

The group ended the fun-filled trivia challenge with a virtual display of sportsmanship. Each member of the Zoom call cheered ‘dream’ as they raised their hands triumphantly in the air.

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