VP Mike Pence visiting N.C. to discuss school reopening plans, coronavirus vaccine

Vice President Mike Pence to visit North Carolina

RALEIGH, N.C. (WBTV) - Vice President Mike Pence is visiting North Carolina on Wednesday, July 29 to discuss school reopening plans and a potential coronavirus vaccine.

Pence will first travel to Raleigh and visit Thales Academy, which dedicated over 40,000 working hours focused on safely reopening the school to students.

On July 20, the Academy reopened to over 300 students, allowing them to return to campus.

The Vice President will participate in a roundtable to discuss the plan Thales Academy is using to safely open.

After this, the Vice President will participate in a roundtable at NCBiotech which is conducting Phase-III trials for a Coronavirus vaccine.

The Vice President will discuss President Trump’s goal of making a Coronavirus vaccine available to the American people as soon and as safely as possible.

Later that evening, the Vice President will return to Washington D.C.

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