Trump Campaign member speaks about possible presidential nomination acceptance in Charlotte

Trump Campaign member speaks about possible presidential nomination acceptance in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The week of the 2020 Republican National Convention is now less than a month away.

Charlotte was supposed to be the original host city, but a large portion of the event was moved to Jacksonville, Florida after North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper refused to allow large crowds to gather for the convention.

However, the Jacksonville portion of the convention was called off as officials in Florida try to manage a spike in coronavirus cases.

President Donald Trump hinted Monday night that he once again planned to accept his party’s presidential nomination in North Carolina.

WBTV spoke with Marc Lotter, the director of strategic communications for the Trump Presidential Campaign, in a Skype interview Tuesday afternoon.

“Most of those details are still being ironed out. Obviously, we want to do this in a way that’s safe for everyone – socially distanced and responsible,” explained Lotter. “But the one thing I can tell you is well, we’re the Trump campaign. We don’t do anything small so I guarantee you whatever we do and whatever it looks like, it’ll feel big, it’ll look big and if our online programming during the week is any indication, millions upon millions of people will be watching it.”

When asked if the nomination acceptance would still involve some sort of crowd gathering in North Carolina, Lotter explained that plans were still being finalized.

“We’re still putting those details together. I don’t wanna get ahead of any final announcements. There will be multiple events that obviously we’ll be talking about so each one will have different components and I just don’t want to get ahead of where we are in terms of those final plans,” said Lotter.

While the convention planning is underway, Cooper continues to oversee efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in North Carolina. At a Tuesday press conference, he fielded a question about Trump’s plan to accept the nomination in North Carolina.

“He’s welcome to come, but nothing has changed about our resolve to keep health and safety first. We have not heard anything from the administration or the RNC about this,” said Cooper.

It was previously reported that more than 300 delegates were still expected to be in Charlotte to conduct business the week of the convention, but the nomination acceptance was thought to be happening in Jacksonville.

Cooper said safety needs to be the priority if the president plans to accept the nomination in The Tar Heel State.

“Obviously, we have concerns about people coming in and a large crowd, but we’ll continue to keep health and safety number one in this process,” said the governor.

While convention business is scheduled to take place in Charlotte, Lotter could not confirm exactly where Trump will accept his party’s nomination.

Later, President Trump was asked during a press conference from the White House if he was “physically going to be in Charlotte” for his acceptance speech.

“We’ll be doing a speech on Thursday - the main speech, the primary speech. Charlotte, they will be doing the nominating on Monday. That’s a different period, a different thing happening, but they’ll be doing nominations on Monday. I speak on Thursday,” Trump said.

Pushed further about where he would be at when presenting his speech, President Trump said an announcement would be coming “very soon.”

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