Hospital executives say no need for field hospital right now

Hospital executives do not see need for field hospitals in Meck Co.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Not long ago in Mecklenburg County there was talk about creating a field hospital to deal with a possible surge in COVID-19 cases. Now that seems unlikely.

“It appears, at least right now, based on the projections that we have enough capacity in our hospital systems to cover this,” Novant Health CEO Carl Armato said.

Armato joined a virtual Mecklenburg county commission meeting Tuesday to update commissioners on how the hospitals are doing.

He says the surge that was projected has been watered down by preventative measures.

“The effects of social distancing and the effects of masking, we’ve done a good job of proactively getting that out,” Armato said.

Similarly Atrium Chief Medical Officer Gary Little said they don't expect a surge they can't handle but a lot of that is reliant on people continuing to following health guidelines.

“Physical distancing, masking, those things have to continue to happen,” Little said.

“They are the key for us to open our society.”

But Armato says they will be prepared if an unexpected surge comes.

“If anything changes know that we’ll be working and we’ll be back to talk to you and others at the county level to talk about how we got a ‘Plan B’ and what we can do if we needed to look at the convention center or some other option to take care of patients,” Armato said.

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