Pathway to a private school football season is clear, but a big decision still to come before they get the green light

Pathway to a private school football season is clear, but a big decision still to come before they g

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - For North Carolina private schools, the formula is pretty cut and dry. They can get back on the field to play games on September 4th provided the fact that governor Roy Cooper reopens the state of North Carolina to phase 3.

The NCISAA is not waiting on word from the governor to give their teams the chance to get ready as workout have been going on since June 9th.

“We have independent schools making independent decisions on how they best handle workouts,” said Providence Day new head football coach Chad Grier. “Our school has done an exceptional job of trying to understand the magnitude of what we are dealing with and how can we pull this off in a safe way for the kids and everybody effected.”

Grier is in his first year as the head coach of Providence Day. Imagine having to start your tenure at a new school with no summer workouts. A lot of coaches on the public school side are facing that right now but Grier is very fortunate.

But these workouts have been just as important for the student-athletes in these times of a pandemic and social unrest.

“When we first started, I got a few emails from parents that were really eye opening to me,” said Grier. " They said ‘thank you for doing this. I know it is not easy, but my kid really needed to be out here with his friends. He needed to get out the house and be athletic and get outside and do something.'

A sentiment Greir really believes in.

“It is a positive thing. They want to be outside. There’s a lot of obvious benefit to that. I think there is a lot of risk to not having kids in school and not have kids play ball.”

The path to competition seems pretty straight forward for the private schools, but what what happens around the North Carolina schools on the public side will have a trickle down effect on the private schools as well.

“Our first game is Green Level out of Cary (4A North Carolina public school) and we’re not going to be able to play that game,” said Grier. “The September 4th game is Jenkins High School, a 3A semifinalist out of Georgia. The head coach called today and we’re trying to figure it out. We still don’t know. I just think the biggest thing is we have to get to phase 3. The big thing is to continue to prove that we can do this safely. Whether it is being responsible and contentious about wearing masks, whatever we need to do to help that along.”

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