Lice Clinics of America reports increased ‘super lice’ activity during COVID-19 pandemic

Lice Clinics of America reports increased ‘super lice’ activity during COVID-19 pandemic
Lice Specialist combing hair of young girl at Coastal Lice Center in Myrtle Beach.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Officials with the Lice Clinics of America reported clinics across the U.S. reported a 25 percent increase in lice activity from April to May 2020.

Health officials said infestations of lice impacting the entire family have become more severe during the pandemic while families are sheltered at home together.

“We’ve been hearing from customers who’ve said they tried to use home remedies to remove head lice but due to the severity of the infestation, it’s just not feasible,” Claire Roberts, CEO of LCA said. “Traditional over-the-counter remedies aren’t working. Lice, or ‘super lice,’ have developed resistance to the pesticides and chemicals used in them.”

LCA’s clinics use AirAllé, an FDA-cleared medical device that uses temperature-controlled heated air to desiccate lice and lice eggs, in nearly 30 seconds. Officials said a full treatment is around an hour long and is 100 percent guaranteed.

To make sure lice are not living in children’s hair, health officials advise parents to do the following:

  • Inspect your own head and your child’s, especially if your child has an itchy scalp. Look for eggs, nymphs, and adult lice. One adult louse can lay about a hundred eggs during her life span. That’s a lot of new lice.
  • Call the parents of your child’s friends and have them check for head lice, remembering that earlier intervention can help to reduce the infestation level. With shelter-in-place orders being lifted, kids are playing together again, and summer camps are in session.
  • If you see lice—or if you are unsure whether you have lice—visit a professional lice treatment center such as Lice Clinics of America for a screening.
  • Traditional over-the-counter treatments contain pesticides that are ineffective. Lice have evolved into “super lice” and have developed resistance to those pesticides. Find a treatment that is safe and effective. Lice Clinics of America has several options to choose from.

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