Soccer fan gets new Charlotte FC logo tattooed on leg

Fans excited for new MLS team

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The big announcement about the name of Charlotte’s new soccer team came at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Team officials announced the new Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise will now be known as ‘Charlotte FC'.

Soon after the news broke, crews started hanging a new team banner outside of Bank of America Stadium.

Just hours after the name was made official, Salisbury resident and soccer super-fan, Antonio “Chico” Sanchez, hit the tattoo parlor.

Sanchez had the new Charlotte FC logo tattooed on his right calf. He spoke to WBTV as soon as the tattoo was complete.

“(I’m) super excited, I’ve been waiting for this,” said Sanchez about the team name announcement.

Sanchez said he had scheduled the tattoo appointment before the team name was even announced.

He explained that he views the new franchise as an opportunity to unify different groups of people.

“It’s gonna be great. Like I said, it’s gonna bring the communities together. It’s gonna bring the Hispanic communities into the stadium. Not a lot of Hispanics follow the NFL, but now that we have an MLS team, they’re gonna come and support the MLS,” said Sanchez.

He isn’t the only one who is excited.

Several people stopped outside of Bank of American Stadium Wednesday night to take photos of the new team banner that is displayed outside of Bank of America Stadium.

“It’s a great opportunity for the city of Charlotte – adding another team to a very prominent up and coming city,” said Charlotte sports fan Christopher Glennon.

Fans explained to WBTV that while the name is simple, they approve of it.

“I really think it’s a good name. It’s very classic,” said soccer fan Olivia Lee.

Stanley Rousseau told WBTV that he grew up playing soccer in Haiti, but now resides in Charlotte. He too approves of the new team name.

“Around the world, soccer is called football, so it’s pretty standard for a team to be called the name of the city then FC and I’m pretty excited about that,” said Rousseau.

Fans also noted that the team’s new color scheme appears to match that of the Carolina Panthers.

“I guess Charlotte is used to those colors so it’s not a bad choice,” said Rousseau.

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