Chances of Truist Field hosting Toronto Blue Jays home games are very slim

Chances of Truist Field hosting Toronto Blue Jays home games are very slim

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - On Monday, the Charlotte Knights confirmed that they have reached out to the Toronto Blue Jays about playing their home games at Truist Field, but the chances of that happening are very slim.

“I reached out to them and the response from what I’m hearing is they are looking into a major league park or two which makes sense,” said Charlotte Knights COO Dan Rajkowski. “They are equipped and they are already going through all the protocols. I can’t imagine what you would have to go through in order to get all these employees tested on a daily basis. I reached out because I thought our building was an option but it sounds like that train is in motion right now.”

The Knights hosted the Chicago White Sox in an exhibition game back in 2018 and most of the big leaguers left the Queen City impressed. But there is still this notion that Truist Field being a minor league park is stopping this from happening but Rajkowski begs to differ.

“We have a state of the art facility here in technology,” said Rajkowski. “We have all the accommodations. Our lighting is outstanding. We have TrackMan. We’ve got all the things that major league parks do.”

In these times of the pandemic, social distancing of players in dugouts and in the clubhouse would be an issue. In this case, the pandemic would be a benefit.

“With the lack of attendees, you can do a lot of staging in these areas. You can have players up in the suites social distancing. Our facility is equipped to do it.”

But in the end, it seems the Blue Jays preference is to play in a major league park and according to reports, landing spots could be either Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

And while it is not completely the reason the Blue Jays will not call Charlotte their part time home in 2020, the protocols from this pandemic could be one of the major factors in Toronto’s decision which means once again, COVID-19 is keeping the Queen City from hosting another major event.

“We lost our season (Charlotte Knights), we lost ACC Baseball (Tournament), we lost the RNC. The hits just keep on coming and they are not base hits.”

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