Calls to private tutors increase as plans for remote learning extended

Parents seek tutors to ensure students don't fall behind

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - One of the big questions when it comes to the upcoming school year is how to make sure students are staying on track.

Last week, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools announced students will come in for a few days-long orientation in several cycles, then return to at-home, virtual learning.

For some families with the resources for it, private tutoring is now on the schedule where it was not before.

"A lot of parents are very stressed out, very concerned, calling us, wanting my advice, my guidance," Leda Newman at The Tutoring Center says. "People looking for tutoring to help with the online situation the schools have created."

The Charlotte tutor says her company has had more calls in since CMS announced the fall plan.

Newman says she had already seen some of the effects of at-home learning in a few of her students, since it began during the spring semester.

"These students I'm seeing right now, significant skill gaps already," she says.

When public school turned virtual, Newman says she lost more than half her original students.

"Most of our students did not really take their academics as seriously at that point," she says. "Because the schools then said, 'Oh, we're going to pass you, unless you want to make your grade better, we're just going to give you what you've got.'"

Now, there is an increase in interest and a need, she says, to help any students who have fallen behind since switching to at home learning.

"A lot of students didn't really do anything," Newman says. "Middle school and high school really didn't do a whole lot."

Newman says The Tutoring Center is teaching in-person students while disinfecting and social distancing, and offering some Zoom options.

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