‘Back the Blue’ rally held in Myrtle Beach to show support for law enforcement

People hoist flags and wear shirts and masks to show support for police during the "Back the...
People hoist flags and wear shirts and masks to show support for police during the "Back the Blue" rally.(WMBF News)
Updated: Jul. 19, 2020 at 6:16 PM EDT
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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Many people gathered Sunday in Myrtle Beach to show their support for law enforcement as part of a “Back the Blue” rally.

Demonstrators met up at Plyler Park in the downtown area to show support for those in uniform.

“I think that our nation’s police are under attack,” said Graham Dickinson, one of the event’s organizers. “Since this all happened with George Floyd, and again George Floyd that was a terrible situation, Derek Chauvin should not have been on his neck and we’re not in defiance of that. But it’s gotten to be a little bit extreme.”

Dickinson said he was surprised by just how many people showed up in support. People brought flags and dressed in shirts and masks that showed support for law enforcement in Myrtle Beach, but also in big cities like New York.

For many, Sunday’s event was personal.

“It means a lot because those of us who are related to law enforcement know that they’re not alone and isolated. There’s sisters, wives, brothers, husbands,” said one woman, who added she has family in law enforcement.

Dickinson said he wants people nationwide to see the community’s support of police here, in contrast to the call to “defund the police” in other cities.

“Our city is not under attack like they are in New York, Seattle and Oregon; but we still do support our police,” Dickinson said.

The group walked to the Ted C. Collins Law Enforcement Center from the park and then along Kings Highway.

Bystanders honked and waved in support, but a few people we’re seen countering the rally in opposition as they moved through downtown.

Before ending the event, the group gathered behind the police station for a memorial, saying they wanted to honor the lives of those lost in the line of duty.

Dickinson said he also wanted to remind people what police are really for.

“That’s their first responsibility, to protect the American people,” he said.

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