Seven people killed in Charlotte in eight days

Charlotte sees 7 homicides in 8 days

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - In Charlotte, an increase in shootings means more families without their loved ones.

Seven families have lost someone in the last eight days because of violent crime. Many are young people.

One was just 14 years old.

“It feels as though we may be on the route to where we were last year,” Genicia Hariston of Mothers of Murdered Offspring says. “Where every week we’re having a candlelight, every day someone is being killed, I mean it’s happening in broad daylight.”

The MOMO group says the community wants change.

"These children really do want change, they want to be active in something," Hairston says. "If we cannot take 'self' out of trying to find a solution, and come together as one unit, and one community to love each other, to build with each other, to grow with each other, these homicides are going to continue."

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police have been asking the community for help stopping these shootings before they happen.

"I've watched family pull up in tears to learn they've lost a loved one, over something that's certainly senseless," CMPD Major Mike Campagna says.

“It seems as though they’re getting younger, younger,” Hairston says. “And that’s sad.”

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