Tenant contacts WBTV Investigates about water leak in apartment

Mildew and water inside man's apartment

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Mildew and water on the floor of his apartment - that’s what one Charlotte man says happens inside his apartment every time it rains.

Eddie Rollings called WBTV for help after he couldn’t get the problems fixed. He’s lived at the Central Pointe Apartments for almost a year.

“When it rains real hard my bedroom’s flooded, my front room’s flooded and I keep getting the runaround,” said Rollings.

Video shows that when it rains, water seeps through the wall right into the apartment. Even a garden hose turned on outside clearly shows the water coming inside his apartment.

“I have a lung disease, I’m dealing with mold and mildew and I shouldn’t have to go through that,” Rollings explained.

Rollings says the problem started back in February when he woke up and there was water all over the floor.

“I ran to the front room, cut on the light and that’s when I noticed by this window right here, it was soaked all the way through.”

Rollings says that since then, maintenance has come out three times. They left a fan to help dry out the place.

On the first visit, he says, they picked up the carpet and insulation. Underneath he found what he believes is mold and mildew, although it hasn’t been tested by a lab.

“I cannot be sitting in here with molded carpet, mildew on the floors and everything,” he said. “That’s stuff I’m breathing in. That’s not healthy for your body.”

Rollings says in June, after the problems continued, Central Pointe reduced his rent by $100 for one month.

“Somewhere over here was the hole that they said they discovered and they had fixed.”

WBTV Investigates contacted Ginkgo Residential, the property management company for Central Pointe, asking why the problem remains months after it was reported. According to Gingko Residential Resident Advocate Sarah Hill:

“The last time Central Pointe got a work order from Rollings was April 2020 and the leak was resolved at that time. Last week Rollings called Central Pointe and they sent out a service manager, but no signs of a leak were found. Then Monday, Rollings called. Ginkgo Residential has another inspection scheduled to get the leak fixed. If the leak isn’t fixed, they’ll bring in outside vendors to help with the problem.”

Rollings is now hopeful that months after the problems began, and after WBTV’s calls, help may finally be on the way.

“The only thing I want is to be treated fairly when it comes back to having maintenance done on my apartment. To me this is unfair living conditions.”

WBTV also asked about reducing Rollings’ rent. Gingko Residential, so far, has not indicated if there will be any rent reduction to offset the cost spent removing water and cleaning up.

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