Gaston County woman fears stimulus check stolen by scammers

Woman believes stimulus check was stolen

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Trying to get answers from the IRS can leave you frustrated. Just ask Madeline Weaver and her daughter Terri.

Weaver called the IRS when her stimulus check hadn’t arrived but soon learned she was likely the victim of identity theft.

“They (IRS) said you filed it last year, I said no sir I did not. I have not filed since 2011,” Weaver said.

Since then Weaver says her bank told her someone tried to cash her stimulus check. It’s money that she says she desperately needed.

“I only draw one check a month and it’s not very much. I’m by myself. I try to pay my rent, power bill, insurance, you know, my bills,” Weaver said.

According to the FTC there have been 449 coronavirus-related complaints about Identity Theft in North Carolina and more than 20,000 complaints nationwide.

While catching the scammer would be ideal Weaver and her daughter just want the IRS to issue a new check.

“They should at least re-issue her check because they know what happened,” Terri Fliss said.

The IRS has a form that people who have had their stimulus check stolen to fill out.

The IRS also has an FAQ section that answers what people could do if they’ve had their checks stolen.

The Federal Trade Commission also has a web page in which people can report their stolen check and generate a recovery plane.

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