’I just want people to be happy’: 6-year-old hands out food, masks to less fortunate

’I just want people to be happy’: 6-year-old hands out food, masks to less fortunate
Kinley Johnson and her mother and grandmother pose for a picture. (Source: Photo WLOX)

JACKSON COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - At just six years old, a Jackson County girl is already making a difference in her community.

Kinley Johnson has a big heart and a passion for helping the homeless.

“I just want people to be happy,” she said.

She spent her Saturday handing out food, water and masks to those less fortunate. Her grandmother and mother helped, but the idea was all Kinley’s.

”‘Cause I want the homeless people to be safe, wear masks, and social distancing,” Kinley said.

“Kinley is a very, very special child. She’s been this way since day one, entering this world. I feel like God has a purpose for her, and she’s expanding at a young age at six years old, and I’m just super excited,” said Stephanie Hyde Hill.

Kinley and her family handed out around 50 bags of food and masks at various locations in Pascagoula and Moss Point. Kinley’s hard work was much appreciated.

“I really appreciate it. She’s only what? Like 7, 8? And it just touches my heart because she’s our future,” said Marion Roane.

Kinley also added her own personal touch to each bag she handed out: a note reminding people to “be safe.”

Her reason for doing all of this is simple.

“I like helping people, so that’s what I like doing,” she said. “My favorite part of doing this all today is helping people out, giving masks out, giving food out and giving masks out. And that’s what I did.”

Her grandmother believes this is only the beginning of what Kinley will do to help her community.

“She has great compassion, and she always never thinking about herself, but she’s always thinking about others, and that’s what we love about her,” Hill said.

Kinley said she’s already planning to hand out more meals and masks in the future.

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